Care Team Supervisor

per annum
North Kensington

JOB TITLE: Care Team Supervisor
SALARY:     £21954.45 per annum
HOURS:       Full time



The main purpose of this role is to conduct risk assessments and care needs assessments for new and existing Service Users and to mentor, train and support new Carers and new Care Supervisors. Care Team Supervisor is to monitor and supervise care staff and report concerns regarding Service Users and Carers to the Line Manager and Co-ordinators. In emergency CTS will be expected to carry out assigned tasks to provide personal care for elderly clients or disabled clients in their homes. This role is performed in accordance with the Employee Handbook and HealthVision’s policies and procedures.


  • To orientate and support the care staff in accordance with Health Vision policies and procedures
  • To undertake Risk Assessments, write appropriate Care Plans and record on Carefree
  • To monitor on-going care packages and meet set goals and record evidence
  • To monitor and supervise staff in practical care environment, advising and mentoring on best practice where needed
  • To assist with training, both theory and practice
  • To act as a contact person for clients, client’s family and all members of the care team
  • To provide care and support for the client at home alongside carers and other multidisciplinary teams
  • To be part of the weekend team to support service users and carers (this is currently alternate Saturday’s but is subject to change)
  • To maintain professional standards of care and behaviour at all times, and to promote HealthVision in a positive manner particularly within the care team and external agencies
  • To maintain a level of professional conduct and attitude as an example to be aspired to by the rest of the care team
  • Liaison with the Co-ordinator with regards to rotas, suggestion for open and factual communication with the Co-ordinator regarding suggestions for rostering for client/carer suitability
  • To document and maintain clear and accurate records of care given (when required) and document all care and staff monitoring
  • To conduct reviews of clients and write clear factual reports for care managers
  • To advise Co-ordinator, Line Manager and Registered Manager of any incidents or situations that cause concern or threaten client or carer safety
  • To provide prescribed care that has been instructed by local authority/shown by Line Manager and/or Registered Manager. If unsure to check with Line Manager or Registered Manager.
  • Be patient and sensitive to the needs of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.
  • Communicate effectively with Co-ordinator on all packages or changes to care packages
  • Have an awareness of the responsibilities related to maintaining client and organisation confidentiality.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure best possible care outcomes
  • Follow published local authority procedures when reporting concerns or issues and report in a professional manner when liaising with these bodies.
  • To ensure that Co-ordinators, Line Manager and other colleagues are informed of the daily schedule, work activities and work appointments of the Care Team Supervisor. 


  • Clients and their family
  • Community Care providers, and Other Health professionals
  • Care Managers


  • Care Team
  • Branch Manager/ Registered Care Manager
  • Care Coordinators
  • Human Resources
  • Colleagues and care team members


  • People management skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Demonstrated Training Skills (including the ability to show proficiency in all necessary equipment)
  • Competent to train and supervise staff at appropriate levels
  • Ability to establish relationships under challenging circumstances
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Commitment to being sensitive to needs of other cultures
  • Proficient use of IT systems
  • Proven experience in complex care environments
  • Must be prepared to attend regular training to update knowledge and skills