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9.60 per hour

JOB DESCRIPTION - Personal Assistant

Personal Information

Back in 2012 I was an active independent mother of young twins, doing gardening and charity work in and around Presteigne when I suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. I left rehab in 2013 and continued to recover when I had a fall in 2019 during an epileptic seizure, causing a second brain hemorrhage. The doctors prognosis was not good but I recovered; I left rehab just as the covid-19 lockdown was starting in 2020. I continue to try and get my life back together and be an active member of my family. With the aid of personal assistants I am able to enjoy some independence; gardening, walking my dog and visiting Headway in Credenhill.

The two brain injuries have left me with a number of conditions: I have severe dysphasia, which makes it almost impossible for me to say the correct words I want to say; and mild agnosia, so I’m unaware when I’ve said the wrong words. This can be incredibly frustrating but communication with gestures and pictures helps enormously. Sometimes the frustration gets me angry and my behaviour can become quite challenging. I have hemianopiea and I’m on the visual impairment register. The recent injury has robbed me of me fine motor skills making it very hard to pick up and hold objects and has left me unsteady on my feet and needing help dressing and with personal care; although, I continue to improve in these areas.

Because of my disabilities I need help to try and continue to live a full and active life, aiding my rehabilitation, and to help me to live with, and support, my family again. I have always been a very motivated person and this has helped my recovery. With the support of personal assistants and  my husband I will be able to do this. I need 24 hour supervision because of the on going risk of seizures and the need for support in getting about with poor balance, fatigue and visual impairment. My twins are now 15 and I need support to help meet some of their needs as well.

Purpose of the Job

Much of the personal care I require, such as bathing, can be done for me by my husband but he is a full time teacher and when he and my children are out at school I will need help walking my dog, preparing food for myself, help in going to the toilet and support in doing jobs around the house and garden.I live with the constant threat of seizures. One of the key roles I need from an assistant is to keep me safe during these episodes and the occasional administering of medication, for which training will be provided. In very rare occasions this my require calling in the emergency services and liaising with them.Besides keeping me safe and aiding my communication with others, including medical professionals, I hope that the assistants can provide companionship for me and help me get about in the community, shopping and visiting Headway again. Ideally you would have use of a car in order to do this. Mileage would be paid for.

The Post

The number of hours of work available for each assistant can be set by mutual agreement; although, on occasions the hours required may need to rise to cover staff absence due to sickness or holiday. All relevant training will be given.About once or twice a year my husband goes away for a break and so help with occasional sleeping night shifts would be appreciated. These hours may be varied by mutual agreement.


33.5 hours per week divided as:

  • Two 10.5 hour weekday shifts - from 7.45am to 6.15pm, which the 2 weekdays you work are negotiable.
  • 8 Hours on 1 weekend day, either Saturday or Sunday (up to you) 10am-6pm
  • 1 Evening shift, 4.5 hours, 7pm – 11.30pm, normally a Friday, may be another day with prior arrangement.

Rate of Pay

£9.60 per hour and a suitable night-time rate to be confirmed.

40 p per mile whilst using your vehicle during work hours, subject to limits and agreement.


You will be allowed the statutary paid holiday per year. It is preferable that annual leave is taken in school holiday time. But other times may be accommodated in exceptional circumstances. The majority of your holiday would have to be taken during school holidays as part of your conditions of employment.

Type of Person Best Suited

An ideal applicant for the job would be :-

  • Someone comfortable with personal care support.
  • A sociable person who can fit in with the household.
  • A person who is punctual and respectful of our home situation.
  • Someone who is patient.
  • Someone who drives and has their own car.
  • Someone that could be flexible with hours of work.
  • An interest in gardening would help.

Qualifications and Training

No formal training or qualifications required, however experience would be preferable.  A person with the right attitude, commitment and personality is more beneficial and will receive any relevant training, i.e. epilepsy training etc.

About your Employment

We will be your employer and will give you an employment contract. We will want you to work a trial period or probationary period of 3 months. This will enable us to see if the working relationship is good for us all.

Timesheets will need to be completed on a monthly basis and you would be paid by BACS transfer into your back account. You would need to provide relevant ID to comply with legal requirements and also your national insurance details because this will be a formal contract of employment.

To apply:

Apply on line – in Google search engine, precisely enter POW517390(LK)

Please request an application form via our registered email address or call 0330 123 2815 quoting the reference number POW517390(LK)

Please note that this advert has been placed on behalf of one of our customers. Should your application be successful, you will be directly employed by the customer and not PeoplePlus.