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Personal Assistant


Job Details

I'm a disabled lady in my 50's who is looking for Female PA's & Bank staff I suffer with dystonia and need live-in care, I use an electric wheelchair to around. I'm an ex-nurse and use hoists for transfers which I will guide you through along with another worker when we start so you've no need to worry!

I have a wide variety of interests including ancient history, Star Trek, art, drawing and have an eclectic taste in music. I also like history, boxing and Welsh Rugby Union as well as gardening. Part of dystonia means that reading is sometimes difficult so if you're happy to read to me, that would be great.

Staff can share some of my food whilst working. I'm not a vegetarian and if you'd like to prepare and cook something specific, please bring it with you. I have a cat so if you have an allergy to them, please do not apply.


 Duties and responsibilities

I have 1 x 24hr shift available every Sunday and 1 x 24hr shift every second week on a Saturday. The shifts are day-long with a sleep in & the shift will be from 8:00am to 8:00am the following morning. 
However, you will not be required to work for this whole period during the day, you will have a period of 3 hours off in a block.
 At night-time you will be needed to sleep in. I may call you during the night for a short period if I need assistance.  
I am usually in bed by 10:45pm so after that time you would be free to read, watch TV etc, and just be available to provide support should I require it.
Main tasks will include assistance with personal care, e.g., washing, showering, dressing, undressing, going to the toilet, etc.

Helping me with the housework.

Assisting me prepare drinks and cook meals.

Helping with the laundry and ironing etc.

Giving me assistance when I go out and about, e.g., shopping, hospital visits, voluntary work, etc.


Essential requirements

You must be a patient, understanding

Female with a good sense of humour. 

I need you to be able to respect my privacy and confidentiality & have a flexible & adaptable approach to the work.

You will need to be reliable with common sense and be able to work on your own initiative as well as within my team.

I would like you to be willing to learn about my disability to aid my overall care & have a love of animals as I have a cat.

Non-smoker preferred.


Desirable requirements

Able to cover extra shifts for holiday and sickness.


Hours of work

I have 1 x 24hr shift available every Sunday.

I have 1 x 24hr shift available every second week on a Saturday.


Rates of pay

£183.12 a shift. Payment will be made by bank transfer in accordance with my pay cycle in arrears.