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Personal Social Care Assistant

4 - 20 / per week - Full-Time
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Job Description



Job title​     Social Care Personal Assistant

                               (CV’s not accepted)


Hours​        4 hours x 2 on a Saturday and Sunday per week and 1 overnight every 4 weeks to be arranged


Location   Blakelaw


Rates of pay​ £10.00 per hour


Purpose of Job


Raphael is a very happy, delightful, charming, and smiley 7-year-old boy who lives with his mum and his older brother.

He loves socialising and is very responsive to attention.

Raphael is very tactile and loves hydrotherapy and anything sensory and is also very observant of things around him.


Raphael communicates through smiling if he likes something or if he doesn’t, he will shake his head. He also uses vocalisations, eye contact and eye pointing.

Raphael enjoys being around other people particularly his family and enjoys watching cartoons and films with his older brother.

He loves to get dressed up and gets really excited whether it’s going to school or going out in his wheelchair


Raphael was born with congenital 4-limb cerebral palsy with no self iniated movement and has both spastic and dystonic CP causing his limbs to become rigid preventing him from bending and relaxing into comfortable positions whilst at the same time involuntary movements cause his limbs to flex uncontrollably. This can prove to be very distressing and extremely painful for Raphael.

He also wears nappies therefore an element of personal care will be involved.

Raphael receives all his medication and all his nutrition by prescription feeds and fluids through a gastrostomy tube button you will be responsible for and training will be provided.


The detailed Job Description with all of the information about the job and application form can be obtained by contacting


Please complete and return the application pack as quickly as possible.


This post is subject to a satisfactory DBs check and references which will be taken up if you are offered the post.