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Support Worker

I pay £9 an hour plus fuel costs
Zero Hours

About me

I am 14 years old diagnosed with Down Syndrome

( high functioning )

I need assistance with dressing but can do most of it except my tops. My food is always cut up as I put too much in my mouth otherwise . I can pour my own drink into a glass .I Can make a sandwich but would rather somebody else do it for me .I can walk quite far now since lockdown so managing to keep fit .I can read some words and write a little .My speech is incredible. You will need to help with personal care if we go swimming or with meals if we go out to eat

What you will be doing

I prefer not to be around young children as I find them annoying. I love shopping (charity shops) and also walking, swimming, I just need to get lout in the community to have some fun. I am in control of my toileting and manage very well. I am not aware of dangers so need close supervision around roads, water etc

The person I would like

I require support from someone who is firm but kind. I love playing football and practising skills and playing ball. I can dance and am very good too. I have a fantastic sense of humour and require support from someone similar. I will push boundaries until I know where I stand but generally I am a nice person to be with and a joy to be with