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Personal Assistant

£10.00 per hour
5 / per week - Part-Time

I am a young woman in my 20’s and have a diagnosis of  ASD which means that I am autistic and this diagnosis impacts my day to day life.   I would like my support worker to assist and encourage me to live as independently as possible. I suffer from anxiety and other mental health illnesses and  will need support, reassurance, patience and guidance to try and overcome these overwhelming feelings. To be able to drive would be advantageous but not essential. Previous experience of care work would be desirable.

.       Responsible to -       Directly to the employer

    Main Tasks:

 ·        I have several interests and I would like the support worker to take an interest in my hobbies. I love animals, especially my own and I like feeding the birds in the garden, I also enjoy taking photographs of my animals, wildlife and nature.  I like to collect things, such as key rings and magnets and doing craft work, which includes cross stich and crocheting.  In the past I’ve enjoyed going out to play Bingo and would like to develop new interests with the assistance of the support worker.

·        I feel anxious every day and would like the PA to help me to try and lessen these feeling.  I would like the PA to help me build up my self confidence and to help me find strategies to be more organised.

·        I would like the PA to provide support with making appointments and to attend them with me if required.

·        I would like the PA to help me to widen my life skills in the home and in the community.

·        I would like the PA to support me with the difficulties I have in leaving the house and to acknowledge my need to check things when leaving the house.  I hope with the right support I can develop new skills to deal and minimise these feeling.

·        Meeting new people can be stressful for me and I would like the PA to support  me feel more comfortable in public and less overwhelmed and scared.

·        I would like the PA to help me find potential groups that may be of interest to me and attend them with me e.g. a crocheting group.

·        I would like the PA to help build up and improve  my life skills around the home.

·        I would like the support worker to empower and promote my independence at all times.

·        I would like the PA to socialise with me and encourage me to attend activities and events in the community so as to lessen my feeling of isolation

·        Undertake any other duties which may be reasonably allocated and fall within the scope and responsibility of this role.

·        To undertake any relevant training as required

 Person Specification:

 ·        Establish a professional standard of care which should be maintained at all times.

·        To be reliable, and have some degree of flexibility.

·        Undertake this role with due regard to my physical, social, educational and recreational needs.  

·        The PA should respect and safeguard my goods.

·        It is important that the PA respects my privacy and upholds confidentiality at all times.

·        You have a duty to report any defects and or hazards which may give rise to an accident.

·        If you use your car for work purposes you will need to show me that you have business use on your car insurance.  Any petrol costs incurred need to be mutually agreed before undertaking any journey.

·        Ensure that due consideration is given to Health and Safety at all times.

·        A full DBS check will be carried out, the cost of which will be paid by the employer.

 Special Conditions:

 A Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS) and two satisfactory references are conditional for the post. This is a free and confidential process.

 Disclaimer:  The Rowan Organisation is acting on behalf of a third party and will not be your employer nor be responsible for any actions arising out of your employment.