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£13.80 per hour
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I am looking for a Personal Assistant to work with me for 5 hours every week.

About Myself

I’m a 7 year old boy living with my Mam, Dad and younger sister in the Merthyr area.

I am a socially shy but a happy boy and I enjoy technology very much (I can work a mobile phone and tablet better than any adult!). I like the park (as long as the park is not too busy). I love swimming (and all water for that matter), trains and grapes and McDonalds, chicken nuggets are my favourite out of my very limited diet. I’m nervous in new situations and look for ways to escape. In fact, I like to try my luck at escaping all situations and need to be watched constantly as I have no sense of danger or cause and effect. I hate parties and loud noise – but like play areas and trampoline parks – go figure!

I wear ear defenders all day in school but prefer not to with my family. I might choose to wear them with you. Speaking of school, I am excellent at reading, have been since 3 years old. I have just started to write with a pen. I can type and spell anything I want to look for on my phone/tablet though.  

I am autistic and struggle socially. I do not interact with peers and prefer to play alone. Other children crying or screaming is a big trigger for me. I am verbal and can answer basic questions and voice my needs, however most of my speech is echolalia. I’m a great singer too! I toilet independently but need help wiping for number 2s.


  • YouTube – lots of weird and wonderful videos!
  • Train Journeys
  • Swimming
  • Play Centres
  • Trampoline Parks
  • Shopping (I sit in the trolley so I don’t run off)
  • Animals (farms/zoos etc)
  • Repetitive tasks and speech.



  • Social gatherings such as parties (I’m practically allergic to the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’)
  • Very busy areas
  • Waiting in line


Tasks and Duties

I would like a Personal Assistant to take me: 

  • Train rides
  • Play area's
  • Leisure centre's
  • Parks
  • Shops

Type of Person Required

I would like someone kind, friendly and patient. I like someone who is outwardly calm but prepared to be silly too. I don’t like waiting so good timekeeping is important to me, as is consistency.

  • Hyper vigilance in terms of my safety is paramount. I must not be left to walk on my own outside for any amount of time due to my penchant for bolting. You will need to be aware of all possible exits in places like play centres etc as I am very resourceful if I decide I need to leave! 
  • Candidate with some degree of physical fitness to chase me is also important if needs be. 
  • Awareness/experience of working with ASD individuals is highly desirable.


Working Hours / Pay of Rate

5 Hours per week 52 weeks of year

£13.80 per hour

About The job

Salary Frequency – Calendar Monthly.

Successful applicant will be subject to a three-month trial period.

Applicants will be required to undergo an enhanced DBS police check at no cost to yourself. 



Full training will be provided by parents.


To apply:

Apply online – specifically in Google search engine, precisely enter MRT550406  where it will then take you to where you can apply.

Please note that this advert has been placed on behalf of one of our Service User. Should your application be successful, you will be directly employed by the customer and not PeoplePlus.

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